What a weekend for college football. Top ranked Georgia is beaten easily by Auburn and #2 Alabama gets a huge test from Mississippi.

The LSU Tigers roll over Arkansas 33-10 to move to 7-3 and 4-2 in SEC play. Here are the highlights of that Saturday morning game:

Things began to get crazy in SEC play when Auburn played host to the top ranked Georgia Bulldogs. It was no contest from the start of the game. Auburns's defense held strong to keep the Bulldogs battling the entire game. The final score was 40-17.

Notre Dame was pummelled by Miami which will result in quite a shakeup in the FBS standings. Alabama is the likely recipient of the Georgia loss and the Tide will probably move up to the #1 spot. But don't forget Alabama has to roll into Auburn on November 25th for a showdown to battle for the SEC West title. If the Tigers win that game, they win the SEC west and will have a rematch with Georgia for the SEC crown.

Would an Alabama loss in that final game knock them out of the FBS playoff? They would have just one loss. Auburn has two losses. This could really get interesting.  The Tide did face a test in Starkville. Here are the highlights.


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