A bill that would have banned drivers from handling their cell phones while behind the wheel failed by one vote in the Senate. The House-approved measure needed 20 votes to pass the upper chamber, but it received 19. Bossier City Senator Barrow Peacock said the legislation is too much of an infringement on personal freedoms.

“I’m all for people not texting and doing, but this is just answering the phone call with your phone is going to be a violation of state law,” Peacock said.

Franklin Senator Bret Allain also looks at this bill as the government interfering with a person’s life.

“Have you ever heard the term nanny state? Do you think that applies here?” Allain said.

Covington Senator Patrick McMath spoke in favor of the bill during the Senate debate. McMath said this measure would cut down on distracted driving, which leads to numerous accidents including a recent one involving senator Fred Mills., but Allain was not buying his argument.

“Our very own Senator Mills just recently experienced an accident in which the driver was distracted and merged into his lane and thankfully he’s ok but this consistent,” McMath said. “No matter what it is there are going to be careless people,” Allain said.

Breaux Bridge Representative Mike Huval has been trying to get this legislation passed for years. His proposal would allow a driver to talk on the phone through Bluetooth or an earpiece, but you can not handle the phone.

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