Senator Bill Cassidy, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, supports the Senate’s GOP tax plan.

Cassidy says this package will help families and businesses by cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code. He says a family of four would see a tax cut of over 14-hundred-dollars. In Louisiana, the plan would keep the 2002 Tax Credit which supports 38,000 jobs and two-billion-dollars in development.

The plan would also retain the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and preserve a tax deduction that encourages energy producers to make investments in the Gulf Coast.

Cassidy says he’s hopeful the bill can win bipartisan support to help all Americans. He says this is the best way to jump start our economy,

The President has said he would like to see the tax plan done by Thanksgiving.

There is a couple of big differences between the House and Senate plans. One of the first differences to emerge was the Senate's plan to delay slashing the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent until 2019. The House wants to cut the tax immediately, and has the White House on its side.

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