Do-gooders often dress up like superheroes such as Batman and entertain sick kids at the hospital. But seven-year-old Kye wanted more than just a chance to meet the Caped Crusader. A cancer patient from Arlington, TX, Kye wanted to be Batman.

So the non-profit group Wish with Wings, alongside the Arlington Police and Fire Departments, made Kye’s dream a reality for one very exciting day. And, as you can see, they went all out in doing so.

Way to go Kye! Taking down both the Joker and the Riddler in the same afternoon is quite the achievement. (Though if we can nit-pick, the actor portraying Joker sounds more like Mark Hamill than Heath Ledger.)  Maybe that’s why Kye’s day of crime fighting ended with him getting the key to the city from Assistant Police Chief James Hawthorne.

“I got to do all kinds of things, to chase the villains,” Kye said of his epic adventure.

Check out photos of Kye’s big day as Batman below. You can see more over on the Arlington Police Department’s Facebook page.