Take a close look, can you spot all 5 ticks on the muffin? I had no luck, in fact I had no idea that ticks could be the size of poppy seeds. One thing I live in constant fear of is finding ticks on my dog. I can't handle fleas or ticks, the thought that I can have one on me and not realize it also freaks me out. Ticks carry diseases, they can pass them along when they bite. The goal, don't get bitten!


How can you prevent tick bites on you and your pet? First make sure you keep your pet up to date with their flea and tick medicine, my dog hates this process every 3 months! I hate putting on sunscreen, so I'll admit, I hardly ever wear bug repellent, it just doesn't smell like the perfume I like. Make sure the repellent has at least 20% or more DEET for it to be effective.  Besides the basics of avoiding tall grass, shrubs, piles of leaves and the woods, here are some things you can do once you get home to prevent a tick bite.

    1. Take a shower, you can wash off those ticks that are crawling around and you can easily spot them.
    2. Get the mirror out! Check your armpit area, hair, neck, behind your ears, behind the knees and your groin area, ticks love moisture and crevasses. Gross right?
    3. Throw your clothes in the wash. The clothes that you used while you were hanging out with ticks can have a tick party happening and you would never know. Use hot water when washing it and make sure you turn the heat up in the dryer. Kill all the ticks!

For more tips and tricks during ticks favorite season follow the CDC on Twitter or visit their website here.

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