Ever since the COVID-19, or coronavirus, outbreak response heated up last week, a lot of questions about hypothetical scenarios started to fly. What happens if curfews are put in place? What happens if we're placed under a city-wide quarantine? What happens if I'm placed under a quarantine?

Well, we have an answer to some of those things in our area, but the situation seems pretty fluid across the country. One of the latest situations involves personal quarantine.

A 53-year-old Kentucky man has tested positive for COVID-19, but has refused a quarantine. The man is in Nelson County, Kentucky, and now has his house surrounded by police officers in an attempt to keep him inside his home.

This "forced isolation" has been documented by The Kentucky Standard, who was told by Nelson County Sheriff Ramon Pineiroa:

"We're going to be out here 24/7 for two weeks" 

The newspaper did not publish the location of the infected man.

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