It’s been a week since the storm passed,and United Cajun Navy Founder Todd Terrell says he’s never seen devastation this bad.

Just the word "Katrina" alone resonates with every single person in Louisiana. That hurricane will forever be remembered as a true beast that damaged our great state, and also provided us with the inspiration to rebound and come back better than ever.

The damage from Hurricane Katrina left a mark, though, that could never be forgotten in our great state.

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle last week and wreaked Katrina-like havoc. The footage I've seen from Panama City is indescribable and downright frightening. The Cajun Navy wasted no time in their efforts to help however they could, heading down to Florida well before Michael hit.

Now, in the aftermath, our Cajun Navy believes Michael is, quote, "Worse than Katrina". United Cajun Navy Founder Todd Terrell says, "Oh, the damage is worse than Katrina. The issue here is there was a lot of just, leveling, it was flattened. Mexico Beach? It was flattened."

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in the Sunshine State effected by this disaster.

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