Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says the “Justice Reinvestment Act” is not going to be good for our neighborhoods. The State Department of Corrections released a list of more than 1400 inmates who will be freed on November 1st.

The Sheriff says "some bad dudes are going free on November 1st".

"I know I get passionate at times. I'm not angry about this. It's just stupid."

More money is targeted to local areas to implement programs to prevent crime and to help criminals become more productive citizens.

Some of the money is going back into the general fund. I don't know anything about rehabbing a prisoner. We are not sociologists.

"Let's not take the keys to the jail and hand them over to prisoners. This is not Mayberry."

In case you missed it, here is the complete list of inmates who will be going free in less than a month. The Court Code in column J signifies the Parish. Caddo Parish is District 1. Bossier and Webster is District 26.


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