Caddo Parish Commission President Stormy Gage-Watts says the legal battle over the Confederate Monument in front of the Caddo Courthouse is nearly over, but she says there are still a couple of legal challenges to wrap up.

Gage-Watts says she is not in favor of destroying the monument. She says it should be moved somewhere so folks who want to can view the monument. It will take some money to move the massive structure.  She says the pricetage Commissioners have heard top the $300 thousand dollar mark. She would be in favor of moving the monument to the Norton Art Gallery. The management of that facility have agreed to house the monument.

We also asked Gage-Watts about the cost of the legal fight. She said she doesn't have that but believes it is in the 10's of thousands. She says in-house lawyers have worked on the legal case, but outside attorneys have also been hired to fight for the parish.

She could not give us a timetable for when the last legal battles will be over and the Commission could take action on moving the monument.


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