Butterball has announced a recall of some of its popular turkey products.

Now before you get all worked up and bent out of shape about your Thanksgiving turkey, rest easy: it doesn't look like this recall will affect your holiday plans.

This recall is limited to some of Butterball's ground turkey products.

One of the products being recalled is the Butterball 2.5-pound package of "Farm to Family" packs of ground turkey. These tray packs of ground turkey are sold only at BJ’s stores with the UPC# 2265571588 and a sell-by date of 10/18/2021. The time stamp on the side of the tray reading between 2123 and 2302 and P-7345.

The other product being recalled is the 3-pound package of Kroger brand 85/15 packs of ground turkey. This product's UPC#  is 1111097993, with a sell-by date of 10/17/2021. The time stamp on the side of the tray of the recalled products read between 2314 and 2351 and P-7345.


Why the recall? It appears that there may be small pieces of plastic in the meat. (I'm wondering if dropped something into the grinder that was made of blue plastic, maybe?)

Butterball says that no other products are affected by this recall the there is no food safety hazard (as defined by the Food and Drug Administration). No injuries have been reported due to this issue.

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