Big things are happening in Blanchard. Brookshires is opening a store near Northwood High School. It's will be located inside the old Fred's store at Roy Road and Old Mooringsport Road.

The company plans to open what is called a Brookshires Spring Market. It's a smaller version of the large grocery stores, but they do carry most of the basic items residents will need.

Blanchard Mayor Jim Galambos tells KEEL News the company has been facing some delays in getting supplies in for the renovation of the building. He says refrigeration supplies have been slow to arrive and the specialty shelving they use is also on back order. Galambos says Brookshires hopes to start the remodeling in November or December and get the store open early in the spring.

This store will carry basic produce, fresh meats, dairy products and most of the items you use every day. The store will also have beer and wine.

Galambos says this will be the closest grocery store for Blanchard residents other than the Walmart. He says residents are "very excited" to see Brookshires come to town.

But the news is even better for the city of Blanchard. This property is inside the city limits of Blanchard and that means the town will get sales tax revenues from Brookshires. The Walmart is not in the city limits.

Galambos says the town will get a 1% sales tax from all goods sold at this new Brookshires and he anticipates that will bring in about $6,000 a month to the city. This money will be used to fund the police department. It will be used to hire more officers and purchase new equipment.

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