The jury in the Brian Horn murder case asked to meet with Justin Bloxom's mother following their decision to give Horn the death penalty.

The jurors had one request for Amy Fletcher: they wanted to go visit the Justin Bloxom Memorial Garden. She agreed to meet them there and share her memories of her 12-year-old son.

On the Justice for Justin Facebook page, Amy Fletcher wrote a powerful message about her time with the jurors and thanked them for their unselfishness:

After the trial was over today, the jury asked to speak to Justin's mother and expressed their desire to go the Justin Bloxom Memorial Garden so that they could view the place that has given so many a place to heal.

Today I met the men and women I had been watching since the trial began for any estimation of the final verdict. Fifteen strangers who left the comfort and security of their homes and families to unselfishly perform their civic duty, the people who viewed evidence that will never leave their memories. As I walked up to them, no introduction was necessary as their arms opened for hugs. These people have had a most difficult task placed before them, and they will never be the same.

They toured Justin's Garden, walked through the halls of North DeSoto Middle School, viewed the trophy case where Justin's retired football jersey is on display and heard the story of how the Justin Bloxom Memorial Garden, Justice for Justin Bloxom and the Justin Bloxom Alliance for Innocence were formed. As we gathered, one of the Jurors asked how they could help, still speaking as the combined unit they had been for the past ten days. There were offers to help complete the Garden and offers to help spread the legislation throughout the remaining states who have not yet enacted the Justin Bloxom Bill.

As we stood there-family, friends and strangers- bound together forever by the memory of Justin Bloxom, a prayer circle formed, with one of the former jurors offering a prayer for healing and ending with the entire group reciting The Lord's Prayer.

Some exchanged contact information, some lingered while others rushed to their homes. The jury boarded the bus that has been their only transportation. While we all went our separate ways, we all departed from the Garden much richer than we arrived.

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