Prayer in school has been a hot-button issue in the region for several months now.

Bossier schools were recently sued by Americans United for Separation of Church and State for promoting religion on their school campuses. The suit claims that school officials illegally were forcing religion and prayer onto students. In the past several years, Bossier has also received letters outlining alleged violations by numerous organizations.

And Bossier isn't the only school system facing scrutiny from secular groups. The ACLU has also sued Webster Parish schools for similar violations.

The suit, however, isn't stopping some students and their commitment to faith. Three students from 3 different Bossier schools have organized a Protect Prayer event for this evening. The event encourages all students from all schools to come together, pray and get educated about their rights.

The event will take place this evening at 6:00 p.m at the stable on Swan Lake Road. Anyone who has faith--students and adults--is encouraged to attend.

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