A Bossier City man is behind bars for stealing a safe with $10,000 in it from a shed at a home in north Bossier Parish.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington says 27-year-old Bradley Dickson was driving near the 2700 block of Highway 2, just east of Plain Dealing, at around 4 a.m. on January 21, when he ran out of gas. Dickson told investigators he went to a shed at a nearby residence looking for a gas can, but when he found the safe, he carried that off instead.

Once Dickson got away from the house, he was able to open the safe and found the large amount of cash inside. He called a taxi and was on his way home. But he left his car behind.

Bossier sheriff's detectives noticed the abandoned vehicle near the crime scene as they began their investigation. They traced it back to Dickson and showed up at his house. While deputies were knocking his door, he was trying to knock a hole in the wall in an attempt to hide the cash.

Detectives questioned Dickson about the crime and he confessed to stealing the money. When they searched his home, they found less than $9,000 in the hole in the wall, covered with a baseball cap. Dickson apparently went on a shopping spree, buying an iPhone 6, case, headphones and accessories, along with lottery tickets and the $80 taxi ride home from the crime scene.

Investigators also found out Dickson committed an earlier burglary at the neighbor's residence on Highway 2 when he broke into a locked shed and took several items from inside. He also caused heavy damage to a fence there.

Dickson is charged with two counts of simple burglary and simple criminal property damage. His bond is set at $31,000.

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