Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker was sworn in for another term as Mayor along with the entire City Council.

Mayor Walker told KEEL News that among his top priorities are infrastructure improvements, from water and sewer to traffic flow.

Should Bossier City residents expect any major changes this term?

"It's gonna be more of the same because five of the councilmen will be returning," explained Mayor Lo Walker.  "That continuity of having that kind of leadership bodes well for the community."

Among new additions to the city, Margaritaville will be holding its grand opening next month and Sam's Club will be setting up shop in northern Bossier City.  But is there something else up the mayor's sleeve?

"There's another one that's in the work that would be counterproductive to mention the name now, but it will be a major addition to the retail shopping in this area and traffic flow in a congested area."

And we tried to get a hint of what it might be, or even where in the city...

"If I told you what it was, I'd have to kill you, and I don't want to do that," jested Walker.

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