Well, if current events forced SNL to retire the grim Steve Bannon, they sure went out with a bang. Watch Bill Murray‘s surprise return to the series that made him famous, as SNL’s take on Trump’s (ex) right-hand man finally removes the cloak.

SNL kicked off 2018 with a Morning Joe cold open that attempted to catch up on current events; most notably Michael Wolff’s infamous Fire and Fury tell-all. Fred Armisen made a surprise appearance as the author in question, but it wasn’t until Steve Bannon himself showed up that the Grim Reaper character finally unmasked as none other than Bill Murray.

Murray’s Bannon jokingly denied calling Donald Jr. “treasonous” or saying that he’d “crack like an egg,” before suggesting he’d return to politics to prop up candidates like Logan Paul, Martin Shkreli or “the Subway guy.” After the disgraced Breitbart alum insisted America slide down the “Bannon-ster,” Leslie Jones’ Oprah showed up to save us by performing the one job higher than the presidency: being Oprah.

Recruiting Bill Murray as Bannon is certainly a closer fit than Rosie O’Donnell (the impression likely wouldn’t offend Trump anymore regardless), but stay tuned for the latest on SNL’s 2018 premiere with host Sam Rockwell.

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