Best-selling author (and let's not forget -- Academy Award-winner) Bill Joyce has a new book out, and he'll be signing copies here in Shreveport soon.

Joyce's first middle-grade novel, 'Ollie's Odyssey,' revolves around a stuffed animal named Oliver.

Ollie is one of Billy's favorite toys and the two are inseparable. That is, until the unspeakable happens and Billy accidentally leaves his beloved toy under a table at a wedding. Ollie sents out on an adventure to find Billy. But first, Ollie must contend with Zozo, a clown toy abandoned at an amusement park. Zozo is so bitter he seeks revenge on every toy lucky to be a favorite. He wants them all to become The Lost, or even better, Forgotten. Ollie must escape Zozo and help other stuffies who are also lost.

For all of us who love William Joyce's children's books (yes, I am one of them), this is sure to be yet another favorite in our collections. And, lucky us, we get to grab a signed copy before it hits store shelves around the country.

Joyce's book-signing event will be held Saturday, April 2, from 2-4 p.m. at Toy Fair in Pierremont Mall in Shreveport.

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