A bill requiring restaurants to inform customers the country of origin of their shrimp and crawfish is advancing at the state capitol. Louisiana Restaurant Association lobbyist Eldon Rogillo says they had some concerns, but he’s worked with the bill’s author, LaRose Representative Truck Gisclair.

Representative Gisclair and I have talked, fought, talked, fought, shook hands, hugged each other five or six times through this process.  It is probably not a perfect product because that is typically what happens here when we get in some compromise,” said Rogillo.

The Louisiana Restaurant Association says they don’t have an issue telling customers the country of origin of the seafood they serve, but how it would appear on the menu has been their biggest concern.

“It’s just how we do it, the font sizes, and the things that in most people’s world doesn’t matter.  I know it does in these folks’ world and it certainly does in ours because we have business to do and we have a model to run by,” said Rogillo.

For restaurants that don’t use menus, a sign at their entrance would need to disclose where their crawfish and shrimp came from.

The bill has already been approved by the House and on Wednesday it received the backing of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Gisclair says the legislation has also been endorsed by several coastal parishes that rely on the fishing industry.

“They all have resolutions supporting this and the fishermen, the people, we’re all behind it.  We’re just trying to put a safe product out there,” said Gisclair.

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