Pennsylvania's highest court overturned the conviction and will be releasing former funny-man, Cosby from prison. The decision came Wednesday (6/30/21) after Cosby's lawyers challenged aspects of his case from 2015.

Cosby's lawyers say that the judge in the case allowed the prosecutors to call five of Cosby's accusers to the stand during his second trial, when in the first trial, the judge only allowed one accuser to speak. The jury deadlocked in the first trial.

The other accusers were in addition to the accusations from Andrea Constand who claimed that Cosby drugged and sexually abused her in 2004. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court says that these testimonies tainted the trial.

Cosby also claimed that a deal with a former prosecutor he had would keep him from being charged in the case which The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also looked in to. Former comedian Bill Cosby will be released from prison Wednesday (6/30/21) late in the day. The link to the full verdict can be found HERE.

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