Today is the first day to early vote across Louisiana. Lines began forming before daylight this morning even though the offices did not open until 8am.

Photo Courtesy of Heliopolis
Photo Courtesy of Heliopolis

Here's what things looked like at the Caddo Registrar's Office early this morning.

Bossier Registrar Stephanie Agee tells KEEL News she had a line at both locations in Bossier Parish at 6am this morning. In Bossier, you can vote early at the Bossier Parish Central Library History Center at 2206 Beckett Street and at the registrar’s office inside the Bossier Parish courthouse.

In Caddo Parish, you can vote at the Registrar's Office in downtown Shreveport across the street from the Caddo Courthouse.

Early voting runs through Tuesday, October 27th from 8am-7pm except on Sundays.

You will be asked to show photo ID to vote in Louisiana. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: a Louisiana driver's license or special ID card; LA Wallet digital driver's license; a United States military identification card that contains the applicant's name and picture; or some other generally recognized picture ID that contains your name and signature. If you don't have any kind of ID, you can still vote if you sign a voter affidavit.

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