The Louisiana Wildlife Commission has proposed some big changes for hunters in our state. While most of the changes are proposed for areas outside Northwest Louisiana, there are some new proposals that will effect all hunters in the Sportsman's Paradise.

The tagging policy is changing. Currently, hunters must legally tag deer and turkeys immediately, but they have up to one week to report the harvest of those animals to the department. Under the proposal, that time would drop to 72 hours.

Changes are also being proposed for duck season.

In the Coastal Zone, youth weekend would be Nov. 4-5, and the regular season would run Nov. 11-Dec. 3 and Dec. 16-Jan. 21.

The West Zone would open with a youth day on Nov. 4 followed by the regular season on Nov. 11-Dec. 3 and Dec. 16-Jan. 21. The final youth day would be Jan. 27.

The East Zone would kick off with a youth day on Nov. 11. The regular season would stretch Nov. 18-Dec. 3 and Dec. 16-Jan. 28. The last youth day would be Feb. 3.

Unlike the current season, hunters would be limited to only one pintail each day. No other species regulations would change.

Also, the age for youth hunters could be changing. Currently, hunters aged 16 and older are prohibited from hunting on youth days, but under the proposal, that would switch to 18 and older.

You can get the full list of changes from LDWF here. 

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