A Benton man is found guilty of murder in the death of a local woman.

29-year-old Kelvin Brown faces a life sentence for the brutal death of his onetime girlfriend. 33-year-old Alicia West was Killed nearly three years ago.

Kelvin Dewayne Brown II chose trial by judge and Caddo District Court Judge John Mosely Jr. Found him guilty of second-degree murder.

West broke up with Brown shortly before she was attacked on December 6, 2014. During the incident,  her throat was slashed. She later died at University Health.

In issuing his verdict, the judge referred to Alicia West's dying declaration, where the victim stated that "Kelvin Brown" attacked her and that he used "a knife."

West's mother, Exa Bloomer bolted from the courtroom when Judge Mosely gave details about West's injuries.

The Caddo DA’s Office adds more detail:

”Judge Mosely noted that the murder was especially brutal and that it had come after months of Brown stalking, harassing and frightening West. The judge also noted the volume of evidence against Brown: West's dying declaration, cell phone records that showed defendant's location to be near the crime scene and a skullcap left at the crime scene bearing the defendant's DNA. The judge also noted that the defendant's alibi of being in a parking lot having sex with a different woman was undercut by that woman's earlier testimony that she did NOT see Brown on the day of the murder, let alone have sex with him.”


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