It's the most coveted gift for so many folks all around the Ark-La-Tex. I have found myself scrolling through Facebook and seeing some of my favorite stores show off the new guns they have. It's no secret that gun sales are on the rise lately, and I guess that means gun theft is also on the rise.

A Benton gun shop, Guns-N-Ammo was broken into late Saturday night.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

If the name sounds familiar it's because it's located in the same shopping center as Kingston's Neighborhood Market in the Kingston Corners Shopping Center. Right at the corner of Benton Road and Kingston Road.

Keep in mind this wasn't your typical Ark-La-Tex break-in, these burglars didn't go for a crazy back door break-in. They didn't break glass to get in either, they thought outside of the box. Or should we say, on top of the box? The gun burglars decided they'd cut a hole in the roof of the building and lower themselves inside like they were spies in a movie.

According to KTBS, the hole in the ceiling went through roofing and insulation. The hole wasn't big by any means, it was just wide enough for a person to squeeze inside. The burglars relied on ropes to get in and out of the shop. It is believed that about 63 firearms were stolen.

We are hoping that there is some kind of surveillance footage that will help the community identify the gun burglars. This is a developing story and we are hoping for some updates with surveillance footage.

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