The Bossier City Police Department is asking for your help. Over the past few weeks there has been a rise in vehicle thefts and in vehicle burglaries. Shane McWilliams the  BCPD Cheif of Police said "The Bossier City Police Department has seen an increase in vehicle burglaries and stolen vehicles in various parts of town with every case having one thing in common - each vehicle was left unlocked and in the auto theft cases, the keys were left inside the vehicles.".

McWilliams went on to say that thieves are looking for easy options. "In most vehicle burglaries, thieves look for an easy opportunity and simply go around lifting door handles to find an unlocked target. If it is locked they’ll most likely move on. If it’s not locked they rummage through the vehicle looking for anything of value to take. That’s what happened in the recent cases in Bossier City which resulted in the suspects getting away with firearms, electronics, money along with other item that were left inside the vehicles.".

Here are some things you can do to prevent from being a victim of vehicle burglary and theft:

  1. Lock your vehicle.
  2. Take all your valuables out of your car. If there is nothing in the car to steal, you're less of a target.
  3. Park in well lit areas.
  4. NEVER leave your keys in a parked car.
  5. See something, say something. If something or someone is suspicious, call the police, don't be a victim.

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