First responders are the ones called during an emergency, but what happens when an emergency actually affects them personally?

That's exactly what's happened in the East Baton Rouge Parish city of Central. Firefighters there also have homes that were damaged or destroyed by recent flooding across south Louisiana. Some Bossier City firefighters have stepped up to help them.

Bryan Hester, Dwayne Elliott, Dalton Elliott and Andy Lowrie went to Central Monday to work a 48-hour shift alongside Central firefighters and respond to fire calls as needed. They're scheduled to be relieved tomorrow by four other firefighters -- Steve Ford, Keith Waldron, Patrick Schaub and Jason Sanchez, who will also be working a 48-hour shift.

This relief gives Central firefighters a break from work so they can care for their flooded homes and be there for their families.

According to a news release, three other Bossier City Fire Department personnel were in south Louisiana last week assisting for the flood fight. EMS Chief Jeff Watson helped state emergency medical service personnel coordinate evacuations of patients at medical facilities, while firefighters Scott English and Kevin Bragg -- along with Aspen, BCFD's search, rescue and recovery K-9 -- were deployed as part of Louisiana Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 3.

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