August brings the beginning of the end of the summer driving season and the start of another school year.  When it comes to traveling around town, think safety.  And if you are looking to save some money on a Labor Day getaway, lighten the load.

Safety should always be the first concern for motorists on Louisiana roadways.  With children heading back to school as early as next week, AAA's Don Redman reminds drivers to be aware of kids while driving.

"It's the time of the year that both motorists and pedestrians have to remember, 'oh gosh we gotta get back into those habits we missed the past three months,'" Redman told KEEL News.  "We can't obviously control what the kids are going to do, but we can control what we do behind the wheel."

The easiest thing to do is just follow the law.

"Obey the speed limit.  Not only to the school zones carry hefty fines, but of course the safety factor along," Redman said. "Don't forget the school buses; the laws regulating the school buses.  Again, those carry hefty fines if you blow past the school bus that's unloading children."

The other thing to remember is that you have to be prepared for anything behind the wheel.

"Be cognizant of the kids are going to school for the first time that may dart out in front of you so expect the unexpected."

And also remember that some children may not be paying attention to the cars around them, so always error on the side of caution when driving around children and through school zones.

Gasoline Price Trends For August, Labor Day Travel Tips

In recent weeks, local drivers have seen a spike in gasoline prices, but Redman says don't expect a big drop.

"Historically, we've seen prices from July to August to hold steady and, in some cases, even increase," explained AAA's Don Redman.  "Last year, for example, we started in July at about $3.03 a gallon.  By the end of August, we were at $3.70 per gallon."

Redman doesn't anticipate that type of run-up in prices again between July and August, and of course, "barring any kind of hurricane, that kinda messing everything up when you talk about hurricanes in the Gulf."

But if you do plan to go on a road trip on Labor Day Weekend, Redman recommends making sure your car is well maintained.

"One of the easiest things you can do to conserve fuel is to make sure your tires are properly inflated.  Make sure you keep your car well tuned, well lubricated."

And if you have things in you car you don't need...

"Lighten the load.  If you are carrying a bunch of dead weight around, say some golf clubs when you aren't golfing, take those out.  If you have a minivan and the rear seat isn't being used, take that out."

Plus, if the wife and the kids want to get some souvenirs from your weekend getaway, there will be plenty of space to store it.