Rush discovered an article entitled "Two Males No Men" in the "American Spectator" that suggests a lack of manliness was a contributing factor to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

"The premise of Mr. Flynn's piece is that the real reason Trayvon Martin was shot is that we don't have any real men anymore in America," explains Rush as he expands on the article.

Flynn's Premise

"The proper response to an assault by a 158-pound teenager isn’t to scream for help or grab for a gun. It is to punch back or better yet subdue and issue a spanking," writes the article's author Daniel J. Flynn.

Flynn elaborates on his premise further:

They don't make men like they used to. One can consult a Danish study that shows plummeting testosterone levels for scientific confirmation of this. Or, one could more easily turn on any cable news network’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Zimmerman-Martin case, a tragedy involving two males fumbling in the dark on how to be men. Whatever the protagonists may be guilty of they are surely innocent of being men.

Rush ends by saying, "Being a man is a crime. Being a man is something that the powerful institutions in the country are trying to weed out of our culture," which seems to be happening more and more everyday.

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