The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office recently did an analysis of the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) and the findings were a bit concerning. It was revealed that the LWC inadvertently issued $1.08 million in payments to deceased individuals.

Auditors say that the money went to a total of 374 deceased individuals.

In the grand scheme, it was a small amount of money paid out by LWC. The amount represents 0.013 percent of the approximately $8.57 billion in unemployment benefits paid out between March 2020 and April 2021.

However, analysts say that some of the money sent out could have been prevented. Of the $1.08 million in payments, $337,007 should have been prevented by LWC's current controls, while $629,091 could not have been prevented.

The report further showed that $123,194 could have been prevented if LWC conducted a weekly match with the Louisiana Department of Health's death data instead of a monthly match.

It is unclear how much of the $1.08 million has already been spent by families of the deceased.

Officials say that LWC can attempt to recover all of the potentially improper payments.

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