What an incredible week. First Arnold Schwarzenegger announces he’s voicing a character in a new Stan Lee cartoon series that sounds like a cross between Kindergarten Cop and X-Men. Now he’s got a rap video.

Seriously, is it my birthday? Is it Christmas in May? Why do I keep getting these incredible gifts? Is something terrible about to happen to me, and this is the universe’s way of cushioning the blow? I need answers.

While I search for them, you can watch the video for “Pump It Up,” from Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier featuring Schwarzenegger himself doing several rap verses in between Gabalier singing — with absolute sincerity — about the greatness of the Governator’s career. He sings about Schwarzenegger’s very first movie, Hercules in New York! Schwarzenegger’s English was so bad they had to redub his voice! That’s a level of dedication to Arnold I thought only I had.

The YouTube page includes this (Google Translated) description:

Check out the music video for the first single "Pump It Up" by Andreas Gabalier (feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger) from his new BEST OF album. A friendship with an Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves its mark and Gabalier was up to the hair tips motivated and inspired. So much so that he made Arnold a song on the dead body. Pump It Up is the story of One who chose to motivate others and exemplify what is possible in life.

While this is Schwarzenegger’s rap debut, it’s not the first time he’s dabbled in the world of music. For his recent comedy Killing Gunther, Schwarzenegger recorded a country song called “Earthquake Love.” It’s truly astonishing.

This is so wonderful. I only regret I got married 10 years ago. I would have liked to walk down the aisle to this masterpiece.

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