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Though the summer break from school is nearly over, lots of teenagers will stay on with the summer job they've recently begun on weekends and after school hours even after they've returned to school.

I've always believed that this entry level position in the working world was a great way to teach young men and women the value of a dollar, what it takes to earn that dollar, and most importantly, the value of saving a little of what they've earned for future purchases.

In today's job market there are an incredible amount of jobs open that might not have been there in previous years, so teens can afford to be a little picky and not settle for just whatever they can find. So, the discussion will often arise about what jobs are the most fun for teens. And though the list is a little different now than it might have been decades ago, there are still a few jobs that have maintained their attraction through the ages.

A great example comes from a recent nationwide survey where it was revealed that approximately twenty percent of all adults agree that the ultimate job to have when they were teenagers was working at a movie theater. And kids today maintain that's still one of the better jobs available. (I'm assuming it has a little something to do with being in the air conditioning)

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