According to the travel website, Louisiana isn't the best place to live. In fact, they write in a recent article, "like every other state in the U.S., Louisiana comes with some baggage. There are some pretty rough spots there, and the purpose of this post is to identify exactly which places stand out as being the least desirable, at least according to science."

Science? Data? So exactly what criterion did these "experts" use to insult the place we live? Well, says roadsnacks,

"The data comes from the Census’s most recent American Community Survey and from the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,100 people were considered — leaving 61 cities. We then ranked each city from 1 to 61 for all the criteria with a #1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria."

Actually, it's all the standard stuff: Education, crime, jobs, poverty and healthcare. So, what else do they say?

"We averaged the rankings into one 'Worst Place To Live Score'. Finally, we ranked every city on the 'Worst Place To Live Score' with the lowest score being the worst city in Louisiana."

And here it is, from, the worst ten spots to live in Louisiana, with number one being the absolute most awful.

10) Hammond

9) Marksville

8) Opelousas

7) Jeanerette

6) Grambling

5) Abbeville

4) Richwood

3) Ville Platte

2) Bogalusa

1) Bastrop

To see the complete list with statistics, data and details, JUST CLICK HERE!

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