[UPDATE 8:28 p.m.] ABC News is reporting that a person of interest in the case has been developed.

ABC reports the wife of a Texas man noticed odd materials in the fridge and alerted authorities.


[ORIGINIAL] Another possible ricin-laced letter has been intercepted with a Shreveport postmark.  This one was intended for President Barack Obama.

CBS News reports this is the third possible letter laced with ricin.  The other two were sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the office of his pro-gun control group in Washington, D.C.

According to ABC News, the letter's author wrote he has a "constitutional and God-given right and I will exercise that right 'til I die."

The FBI is leading the investigation in conjunction with the Joint Terrorist Task Force, Shreveport Police Department, and New York Police Department.

If you have any details on this story, let us know and/or contact Crimestoppers at 318-673-7373.