Heart singer Ann Wilson said she’d be talking to sister Nancy Wilson in the near future to discuss the possibility of reuniting in 2019.

The siblings haven’t worked together since a dispute broke out in 2016 over a backstage incident concerning Ann’s husband and Nancy’s children.

“Just about everyone I’ve talked to today has asked me to comment on this rumor that there’s a Heart reunion next year,” Ann told Q104.3 in a new interview. “I haven’t heard about that yet. But Nancy and I will be getting together soon to talk and see if we have any ideas on that.”

You can watch the full interview below.

“I will never agree to going back out there in a mechanical, money-grab type way," she said. "At this point in my life, I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna make every minute count and make it real. So we’ll talk, and we’ll figure out if we can figure out a fresh, new, cool way.”

Wilson emphasized her determination to focus on credibility: “Heart was conceived in an atmosphere of idealism, and that’s how it has to be re-conceived now for me to be interested in doing it," she said. "So it’s possible.”

Discussing the falling out last year, Ann said the sisters “no longer had a shared vision” for the band, and that had been the case for some time. “[Nancy] has a vision of playing the same old meat-and-potatoes set in Europe,” she explained. “It can just go on for ever.”

She added that she wanted the band to avoid becoming “a static thing that’s going to ride into obscurity without at least trying to evolve.” Wilson also noted that, even though their views differed, she didn’t necessarily believe Nancy was wrong.

Ann recently completed a solo tour alongside Jeff Beck and Paul Rodgers, while Nancy has been working with her new band Roadcase Royale.



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