Reports are saying that a corrections officer at the Louisiana State Penitentiary has been booked into jail after attempting to smuggle contraband into Angola. Included in the contraband was a slew of items including cell phones, video games, and tobacco products.

A native of St. Francisville, Harrell was charged with introduction of contraband into a prion. He began working at the prison in January, but resigned from the job while being questioned by authorities according to the report.

The report from WBRZ lists all of the items that Harrell was attempting to get into the prison. I have listed the items below so you can see the extent of the contraband that was found in Harrell's vehicle.

  • A large folding knife
  • Six pounds of tobacco
  • 107 packs of rolling papers
  • 17 cell phones
  • A pair of ear buds
  • 19 USB cables
  • 14 cellphone charging blocks
  • Seven pairs of tennis shoes
  • One razor scraper
  • A scale
  • One bead reamer
  • One long lighter
  • Six PS4 video games
  • Three packs of cigarettes
  • One bag of dryer beads
  • Eight bottles of eye drops
  • A Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap
  • A belly girdle

Detectives say that all of the items were intended to go to prisoners in Angola, according to the report.

Now, this list deserves more attention.

There are some very concerning items on the list, like a knife and razor. If not for these items that would probably end up being weaponized inside of the prison, I would almost feel bad for this guard.

The rest of the items on this list seem like pretty basic living essentials for someone trying to get through their time in the clink. Tobacco, eye drops, and dryer beads all seem like things that are reasonable enough for a prisoner to have.

Where I got lost was with all of the tech items that were on this list. Cellphones with chargers??? PS4 video games??? Ear buds??? All definitely things I would want if I was in prison, I guess I just never considered that to be an option for anyone who is in a state penitentiary.

My favorite item on this list is the Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. Now THAT is a die-hard fan.

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