If we asked you where to go to find the top Cajun restaurants in the USA, you'd say "Louisiana", right? New Orleans, Lafayette, and the hundreds of small, one-of-a-kind towns all across the southern part of of our state. Well, not according to one, well known, culinary expert.

In fact, according to the highly acclaimed food website, Tabelog, only one of the best ten Cajun restaurants in all of America is found in Louisiana, and it's #10!

"When one travels to Louisiana, one of their stops will undoubtedly be at a Cajun restaurant for some authentic eats. However, not everyone lives close to the Pelican State, nor do they have the resources to travel long distances to enjoy the food native to the area."

So, according to Tabelog's expert panel. here are the best Cajun eateries in the country:

10) Upperline Restaurant New Orleans, LA

9) Cajun Seafood Market Atlanta, GA

8) Chef Wayne's Big Mamou Springfield, MA

7) Brennan's of Houston Houston, TX

6) A Cajun Bowl Cape Coral, FL

5) Tapalaya Portland, OR

4) CajunSea New York City, NY

3) Heaven On Seven Chicago, IL

2) Buds Louisiana Cafe San Diego, CA

1) The Free Man Dallas, TX

To find out more about each of these Cajun hotspots, including house specialties, menus and addresses, JUST CLICK HERE!

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