On December 10, Caddo Parish voters will have to decide on four proposed amendments to the parish's Home Rule Charter.

The parish has sent this helpful list of those amendments, and what they mean to voters:

Proposition No. 1

Shall Paragraph I of Section 3-07 of Article Ill of the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter be amended to read as follows?

Voting shall be by electronic, roll call or voice roll call on ordinances or upon motion of two (2) or more commissioners, and the ayes and nays shall be recorded in the minutes of the commission by the individual vote of each commissioner. Not less than a majority of the membership of the commission shall constitute a quorum to transact business, but if a quorum is lost during a meeting, a smaller number may recess from time to time and compel the attendance of absent commissioners in the manner and subject to the penalties prescribed by commission rules.

*This amendment seeks to specify the use of electronic roll call voting within the charter.
Proposition No. 2

Shall Article V of the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter be amended by deleting Section 5-05.2 pertaining to the department of fleet services?

*This amendment removes the Parish’s Department of Fleet Services from the Home Rule Charter as a stand-alone department and merges its function within the Department of Public Works.

Proposition No. 3

Shall Section 6-10 of Article VI of the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter be amended to read as follows?

Facsimile signatures and electronic signatures are authorized for negotiable instruments and multiple certificates of indebtedness in those cases where an official is required by law to sign, and where applicable state and federal laws authorize such signatures.

*This amendment authorizes digital signatures in addition to facsimile signatures for contracts, debt issues and where State and Federal law allow such signatures.

Proposition No. 4

Shall Paragraph D, Section 8-03 of Article VIII of the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter be amended to read as follows?

Proposals to amend or repeal this Charter shall be submitted for ratification to the qualified electors of the parish not less than sixty (60) days after the commission adopts the ordinance or the commission receives a properly certified petition, at the first election already authorized for other purposes or at a special election called for the purpose of considering proposed charter amendments. If a special election is called, it shall be held at the next available election date after the commission adopts the ordinance or receives a properly certified petition. The results shall be determined by a majority vote of the electors voting on any particular proposal.

*This amendment requires that all charter amendment proposals be on a regularly scheduled election ballot and not during a special election.

Voters can also find these amendments on the Parish’s website at http://www.caddo.org .

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