It just so happens to be one of my personal pet peeves, but odds are, I'm not alone in my sentiment.

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I love to see a well manicured lawn, but when it comes at the expense of motorists passing by, it really gets my dander up.

How many times have you witnessed someone mowing their lawn and discharging the grass directly into the roadway? Did you ever consider the danger that person was imposing on passing motorcycles?


According to, "Most people don't realize it, but grass clippings, especially freshly cut, are considered as much a danger by authorities as gravel, sand, or other substances that can cause a motorcyclist to lose traction."

You wouldn't believe how many news stories have been done regarding motorcyclist injury due to these grass clippings.

In spite of the safety issues for motorcycles and small vehicles, the question remains, "Is it illegal to leave those grass clippings on public roads in Caddo Parish?"

According to several municipal codes and laws in Caddo Parish, it absolutely is. Not only do the clippings present a clear danger, but the debris could clog the drainage system and cause flooding.

Take a look at what Caddo Parish law has to say about the issue.

Section 40-4 on Obstruction Of Drainage

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct, deflect or in any manner interfere with the natural drainage or drainage established by the parish government across or alongside of any public road or street in this parish."

Section 40-7 on Littering

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or place, or to cause or allow to be thrown or placed upon the right-of-way of any public road or highway in this parish, maintained partially or wholly by the public works department, any metal, cans, bottles, limbs, brush, trash, garbage or rubbish of any description.(b)The term "right-of-way" as used in this section shall be construed to mean all of the property within the right-of-way of a public road or highway, including not only the road bed and road surface but also the shoulders, embankments, ditches and any other ground included within the limits of the actual right-of-way of such road.(c)Any violation of this section may be tried in a justice of the peace court."

Truth be told, a police officer will probably never stop and cite a person for blowing grass into the road, but according to the letter of the law, they would certainly be well within their rights to do so.

Just might want to think about that the next time you're mowing near the roadway. It's just too simple to turn the mower in a direction that will discharge away from the road. It's safe, and in Caddo Parish, it's the law.

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