Shreveport police officers have shut down tennis courts across the city. Public courts were closed several weeks ago, but now officers have gone out to private clubs including Southern Trace and Pierremont Oaks and closed the courts.

This letter went out to members of Pierremont Oaks:

Pierremont Oaks

Shreveport Chief Ben Raymond issued this statement:

As you are probably aware, the city elected to close all public tennis facilities on March 23 as part of our response to the Governor’s emergency declaration directed at reducing the spread of COVID-19.  Since that time, the United States Tennis Association released a statement asking citizens to “take a collective pause” from playing tennis in light of the pandemic. Their statement went on to say there is a possibility that COVID-19 could be transmitted through the common sharing and handling of tennis balls, benches, nets and other common surfaces.  The Shreveport Police Department has received reports of numerous citizens at some of these facilities and social distancing is not always possible.  In light of the decision to close public facilities to the sport of tennis, it was appropriate to extend that measure to private facilities as well.

The folks at East Ridge Country Club tell us they are outside the city limits and officers did not visit that club. We asked Sheriff Steve Prator if he has plans to shut down tennis at East Ridge. He replied: "I don't see a need. They are further apart than fishermen in a boat".

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