Dude, have you heard about the totally rad party happening at Broadmoor Library in Shreveport? The library announced that they will be holding an after-hours party for adults (you must be at least 18) on Friday, January 18th. Check this out!  We are jumping in our Delorean and going back in time and enjoying the food and cartoons from our childhood. Hold on tight dude, because the best part is that you get to play laser tag in the library. This is so Breakfast Club detention but better. As someone who grew up loving the sport of laser tag (yes, you read that correctly, sport), this is amazing news and something I hope happens more often. I even spent several birthdays in my 20's playing laser tag.  Do not judge me.

This event is expected to fill up quickly so you will need to like get it together and register in advance which you can do so by calling 318-869-0120. but you must be 18+ to play. Form your teams now and make sure you dress appropriately because it's sure to get intense. Tennis shoes and black clothing are very much encouraged. We think you should bring your snap bracelets and leggings as well.

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