I know I can get worked up over some of the smallest things, but I have been stewing about this for a couple of weeks. The stew boiled over this morning when we finally brought it up on the radio this morning.

The story is pretty basic. I make requests for stats from government agencies every now and then, and for the most part, I get the information I am looking for. Over the past 30 years, I have often asked for a list of intersections where police respond to traffic accidents. It is interesting to see which intersections are the most dangerous. No big deal. I ask for the date, and they typically send it to me.

But not this year. Bossier City officials replied pretty quickly. Shreveport was a different story. I was told to submit a list of intersections and put it in the form of a public request. I put together my list and submitted it.  It took about 10 days and the private attorney responded to my request with the list of intersections and the number of wrecks. He also sent me a bill for $10 for the public records request.

If you missed my rant, here it is. And I apologize in advance for getting a little worked up.

I do want to report, Chief Administrative Officer Henry Whitehorn has contacted me and pledges to get to the bottom of this. You should also know that he was police chief back in the day when I would routinely ask for and receive these kinds of reports. His office was always very cooperative. So I look forward to his help to find a resolution.

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