When you're on the radio 8 hours a day, a lot of things can happen. Some good, some bad. Well...yesterday, for me, was a day when bad things were abound. Not only did I get a case of the hiccups. Not only were said hiccups interfering with my ability to read the news. But, I had to try to do the news with the hiccups while being heckled by KEEL morning show co-hosts Robert and Erin.

Just to sort of give you an idea of my typical day...I get here at 4 am to help write the news for the day, pull audio, edit segments, etc.. to make life easier for when Robert and Erin arrive to do their morning show. Then at 9 am, when I get done producing their show, I start writing and recording the news for the rest of the day.

However, even though I go above and beyond to help out both Robert and Erin to make their lives easier, they certainly don't return the favor. Instead of returning to their office after the show, they just sort of hang out in the studio while I'm trying to get my stuff done. Most days that's not a problem...but yesterday, it was a MAJOR issue!

Because not only was I having some technical issues, but like I said, I fighting through a serious case of the hiccups. So, not only did I have to contend with my own internal issues while trying to produce some decent newscasts...I had to listen to hecklers from the crowd jeering and commenting on my inability to go more than a sentence or two without an involuntary spasm of my diaphragm.

It's alright though...revenge is a dish best served cold. One of these days, when she least expects it, I'm going to record some of Erin's outtakes and bloopers and release that to the world. And believe me, my blooper reel is bad...but Erin's is much more colorful.

So...since those two chowderheads are forcing me to share my "fun" afternoon with the world...I hope you find some joy in my suffering and humiliation.


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