A 5-year-old local boy needs your help. Tiser Lusk has kernicterus, a brain injury caused by high jaundice at birth.

The little boy's parents say the condition has caused Tiser to be deaf, visually impaired and physically delayed. He can't hold his head up, use his arms, sit up, roll over, crawl, feed himself or even talk.

There is some good news. Tiser's neurologist believes he knows how to cure kernicterus. He and a research team at The Children's Mercy Hospital, Kernicterus Center in Kansas City are conducting research on two treatments that hope to improve the brain injury of children suffering from kernicterus.

The family has created a non-profit organization called Tiser's Chance to raise money for this type of research. You can find that group on Facebook.

There's also an 80's-themed 5K coming up September 12 at AC Steere Park to fundraise for Tiser's Chance. Registration begins at 8AM and the race starts at 9.

As part of the event, raffle tickets are being sold for a chance to win two tickets to the LSU/Florida football game in Baton Rouge on October 17. All proceeds from the 5K and raffle go to the Kernicterus Center.