I love nachos. I mean LOVE nachos. So when the conversation about nachos started up in the office this week, I almost lost my mind. It was at that moment, I realized that I didn't know who had the best nachos in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

I felt ashamed. Like I was somehow less of a man.

But in that moment, I realized this needed to be fixed. So I started researching the topic. In this case, I wish "research" meant eating plates of nachos across the city...but no, I just went to the internet to answer my life-questions (again). So I pulled up my trusty friend Yelp! to find the highest rated nacho joints across our area.

NOTE: Don't trust the "Ratings stars" in the images. Click through each image to the pages, and see the "Ratings details" to get the full ratings. I've already done it for each and included the ratings next to the name.

Here's what I found:

#7 - Nicky's Mexican Restaurant - 2.5 Rating

#6 - Tacomania Grill Cantina - 3.0 Rating

#5 - Cantina Laredo - 3.2 Rating

#4 - Superior Grill - 3.5 Rating

#3 - El Compadre - 3.6 Rating

#2 - Freebirds World Burrito - 3.8 Rating

#1 - El Mariachi - 4.0 Rating


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