We must always be on guard against hacking. It's an unfortunately reality of the digital age. Right now, it's even more important. Right when we are all dealing with a crisis of sincere magnitude, here come the hackers waiting to prey on us when we're even more vulnerable.

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When you're working from home, there's a good chance you don't have the same technological protections in place as you would in a corporate environment. So, what steps can you take? Here's a few from some of the more expert among us.

Make sure you update your software. I have a tendency to let those ever-pressing notifications to update my software go untended to. Never a good idea. However, right now, it's dangerous. Professionals suggest that keeping your software updated is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from hackers.

Opt for "two-factor authentication." It may seem like a pain to have to login to an account, and then wait for the subsequent code to be emailed or texted to your phone. But, this means that even if a hacker gets your password, that's not enough for them to access your accounts.

Watch out for phishing scams. As always, beware those suspicious looking emails. Right now, you may notice emails that are malicious in nature promising you more info about the coronavirus trends or may even appear to come from your boss. If in doubt, text your boss to confirm. Hackers are predatory and will try anything to get you to send them info.

Just as we're all doing our best to keep our physical bodies healthy from a virus, please do all your can to protect your personal security from other predatory entities.

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