Maybe Rangers' starting pitcher Ryan Dempster was caught up in the bright lights and pizza of New York City?

Regardless, the New York Yankees are the best team in baseball right now and they showed the Rangers they're a force to be reckoned with in the American League.

In Dempster's third start, he struggled just as he did when he made his first start for the Rangers. In 6 innings of work, he gave up EIGHT runs, and gave up 9 hits!

Here's the quick story on how everything went down:

Top of the 1st inning (Rangers): Nelson Cruz singles to center, sending home Elvis Andrus. 1-0

Top of the 2nd (Rangers): David Murphy crushes a long ball to right! 2-0

Bottom of the 3rd (Yankees): Nick Swishes unleashes, and hits a GRAND SLAM to right. Curtis Granderson enjoyed Swisher's grand salami so much, he brings home a runner of his own, via the sac fly. 2-5

Bottom of the 6th (Yankees): Eric Chavez hits a homer of his own to right, not too far off where Swisher hit his earlier. 2-6

Bottom of the 7th (Yankees): Derek Jeter (still playing baseball, I know) doubles to right sending home fellow veteran Ichiro Suzuki (still playing baseball, I know). You thought Swisher was done?! WRONG! He singles to center sending home Derek Jeter. 2-8

After newly acquired pitcher Derek Lowe shut down the Rangers in the 9th inning, the game was over in a snap.

Nick Swisher picks up FIVE RBI's off of Ryan Dempster. With the exception of one start, Dempster has struggled since coming to Texas, should Rangers faithful be concerned?

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