Now I think I have heard it all. You're familiar with rent all the movies you want for a monthly fee. Now you can rent toys.

Easy Bake Oven

It can actually be a good deal. Your kids get to play with the hottests toys for a couple of months and then you ship them back (pre-paid) and more toys show up in the mail. For the 8 toy plan, you would pay about 43 dollars a month. This is a bit yucky.....I have to wonder whose month has chewed on these toys and have they been dunked in the toilet once or twice. The websites say they completely sanitize the toys. But the big question all parents are asking: What if my kid breaks the toy? You bought it! You'll get stuck paying for the toy.
The worst toy to rent? Easy Bake Oven Don't think they could sanitize that enough.

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