Lindsay Lohan has been trying to resuscitate her once-promising career for years. After ‘Mean Girls,’ the starlet had a series of lows that included drug use, rehab, getting fired from various projects, and jail time.

But is Woody Allen the right man to save her and put her back on track?

TMZ reports that Lohan was seen dining with the director (photo above) and his wife last night in New York City. Allen is no stranger to controversy, having married his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn following his divorce with actress Mia Farrow. Even after such a shocking move, Allen still managed to have a successful career, proving that we should always keep the art separate from our opinion of the artist.

But Lohan’s slate is a little messier, with the prevalence of tabloids and the unstoppable tempest known as the internet, it’s been more difficult for the young actress to salvage her career — especially when she’s become one of America’s favorite punchlines.

Recently, Lohan hosted ‘SNL‘ and has an upcoming guest appearance on ‘Glee,’ playing herself. She’ll also be playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime TV movie, proving that she’s taking her commitment to acting very seriously, regardless of choice in role.

Allen’s latest film, ‘To Rome With Love,’ opens this year and he’s following up with an untitled project starring Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper. We can’t be 100% sure that he aims to cast Lohan in one of his next films, but if anyone has the chops to save her image, it’s gotta be someone as critically praised as Allen.

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