The first full moon of 2020 is coming this week.  If you can find a clear patch of sky in the Ark-La-Tex on Friday, you'll be treated to a special treat.  January's full moon is called the "Wolf Moon."

Unfortunately, we have some very cloudy conditions (storms and dropping temperatures, too) headed our way this weekend, so you may have a hard time catching a glimpse of the fullest moon of the year.  The lunar path this moon will follow is the same route through the sky as the summer sun during the peak of summer.

The Wolf Moon is known as such due to the fact that wolves are heard howling more often during this time.  It is also know as the "Old," "Cold," and "Great Spirit," moon.

This beautiful celestial event is the kickoff to an awesome year of sky-watching.  According to, 2020 will bring us 2 "super" moons, a blue moon (2nd full moon in a month), a ton of meteor showers, and a few eclipses as well.

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