The 2012 Republican National Convention gets underway in Tampa, Fla., Monday night at the same time a huge storm is expecting to hit.  And Shreveport residents seem to be interested enough to watch at least some of the time as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get the official nomination.


Louisiana's own rising star Gov. Bobby Jindal may make the convention a little more of a draw for Shreveport-Bossier residents.  Jindal is scheduled to address the party faithful on Tuesday.

But, are YOU going to tune in to watch? I caught up with some local residents to find out.

"Yeah, oh yeah," said one woman, who winked as she loaded her groceries into her car. But was she serious, or joking?

"I will watch some of it, probably, if the storm doesn't blow it away," said another lady, laughing.

A retired school teacher said he was interested in the convention because so much is riding on this election. He thinks people will carefully consider the changes that need to be made, and this will help them make the best decision for our country when they go to the polls in November.

As politics usually goes, there are some who have already "tuned out" thanks to political mudslinging by both parties in campaign commercials.  They're already planning on watching a baseball game, or a movie. And they'll be flipping the channels most of the week since the convention runs through Thursday.

There's always the attitude that "if anything big happens, I'll hear about it from friends, but I'm not really into politics. Besides, I already know who I'm gonna vote for."

For a full schedule of what's on tap for the GOP's "great ol' party" go to the republican party's website.




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