Last night in Dallas, the New Orleans Saints had their 10-game winning streak snapped by Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. The final score was 13-10, but it didn't really feel that close.

The Dallas Cowboys dominated a high powered Saints offense, leaving some to suggest it was like the Cowboys knew the Saints play calls before the ball was snapped. The phrase generally used as hyperbole, is now turning into an actual allegation.

Saints fans started posting online last night about a "sketchy" guy in a Dallas Cowboys shirt, wearing a headset, creeping behind Sean Payton while using a cell phone.

This issue has started to come up a lot, including incidences recently with the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants. In 2015, the Browns were sending texts between someone on the sidelines, and their Offensive Coordinator in the press box. Then in 2016, the Giants got the internet riled up over the use of a cell phone on the sidelines, but the NFL decided it was not a violation of their rules, because he was on the medical staff.

But it's pretty obvious that our "sketchy Cowboys guy" wasn't a medical staff member. If he was, why the headset, and why is he on the Saints sidelines?

This is also really odd too, because if he was there to spy on the Saints, why is he wearing a Cowboys logo? Wouldn't it make more sense to wear a Saints logo? Or would that have been easy to figure out since the staff knows everyone, maybe he was throwing them off. No telling.

Some are calling it #HeadsetGate online, but I don't know if we ready to go that far, let's just find out who he is.

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